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Ally Security Operations

Ally Security Software

Ally is a web-based, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to provide private security organizations with effective, mobile, easy-to-use security guard software for incident management and dispatch. With little-to-no previous experience or training required and flexible, subscription-based pricing, Ally gives personnel the comprehensive security reporting software they need to respond to calls and manage data efficiently.

What Can Ally Do?


Ally provides both in-house and contract security organizations with the cutting-edge tools required to manage their critical data such as incident reporting, name and vehicle records, premises information, and analytics capabilities, all at an affordable price that is flexible enough to fit the organization's specific needs. As a cloud-based security software platform, Ally also offers complete data mobility, and each of its fully integrated features are accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Ally Advantages

Private Security Software Advantages

Spillman Ally is an affordable, user-friendly, cloud-based incident management and dispatch software platform intended to provide private security personnel with an all-in-one tool to manage their critical data. Ally has been specifically designed for security agencies and helps organizations increase productivity while minimizing costs to the company. In addition, security teams can feel confident in their choice of Ally because it is backed by Spillman's 30-year reputation for reliable, innovative public safety software.


Investing in a cloud-based records management system (RMS) may seem complicated to some private security organizations that operate on a limited budget. Ally features simple subscription-based pricing and eliminates installation fees because customers do not need to purchase expensive hardware or security patrol software. Unlike many on-premises solutions, this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product offers free and frequent updates, maintaining a standard of innovative technology without requiring customers to continually purchase new software versions. Organizations can reduce costs and eliminate the need to hire IT personnel because Spillman securely hosts all the data offsite.

Ready-To-Use System

Extensive training for a new system can be both time-consuming and costly. That is why Spillman designed Ally for users with little to no previous guard patrol software experience. No comprehensive training is required and personnel can begin using Ally immediately upon activation. Free online help resources are also available for customers to access. Private security organizations using Ally can rely on Spillman's reputation for quality and stability, and the intuitive private security software is regularly updated with input from customers.

Improved Data Accuracy

It can be difficult for private security teams to maintain a database of clean, accurate records when the guard patrol system they use does not cater to their specific needs. Ally helps keep agency data consistent by providing drop-down menus where practical, such as a predefined list of eye colors or state abbreviations. This helps to ensure that each security officer is using the same format when creating records and reports. Ally's address verification abilities ensure that each address is correct and complete as it is entered into the system. By prompting users to search for existing records before a new one can be entered, the Ally system helps agencies reduce the possibility of duplicate records. Ally also gives security administrators the ability to easily view, manage, and analyze productivity and performance, helping them ensure that their teams are maintaining the level of efficiency expected by clients and employers.

A Reliable Partner

Security teams need a security patrol software provider they can trust to offer loyal support and services. With Ally, security organizations can take advantage of Spillman Technologies' reputation for quality and stability. Spillman has been a public safety industry leader in both innovative technology and reliable customer service for more than 30 years and devotes millions of dollars each year to research and development, helping to ensure that its software offerings remain at the forefront of technology.

Private security dispatchers require a reliable, user-friendly software solution to efficiently provide responding personnel with the information needed to handle calls for service. The Ally platform features comprehensive online security dispatch software that allows both in-house and contract security organizations to dispatch new calls for service, manage multiple calls at once, and provide up-to-date information on each call to the responding personnel.

Complete System Integration

Spillman Ally provides complete integration throughout the software, offering both private security dispatch and response personnel the information they need to respond effectively to calls for service, including data on locations, vehicles, complainants, and more. This integration allows personnel to use the information stored in their organization's Ally portal to create comprehensive, accurate reports, with timestamps, comments, and more funneling directly from the dispatch screens to the incident management screens.

Intuitive Design

Ally features a simple, intuitive user interface that allows personnel to quickly learn and become comfortable using it, even with little or no previous experience with security dispatching software. When creating a new call, Ally provides security dispatchers with a clear and organized outline of the information they need to input. The user-friendly design can help security organizations streamline their data entry process and reduce the likelihood of errors without requiring excessive time or resources be spent on software training.


Personnel can use Ally's dispatching tools to create and manage new calls for service easily and efficiently.

Accurate Personnel Locations

The Dispatch Management software provides private security dispatchers with the ability to easily view and track the last known locations of personnel within their assigned premises from the dispatch screen. This functionality within Ally allows the dispatcher to increase efficiency by assigning calls to nearby personnel.

Comprehensive, Searchable Records

Ally enables private security dispatchers to record all relevant call information on a single record, rather than needing to manually create multiple logs. Users can then access the single log to view a comprehensive call history, complete with comments and timestamps. Because of Ally's system integration, all call data can also be easily searched for using keywords.

Built-In Mobility

Spillman Ally is a web-based security dispatch software system, which allows personnel to access their organization's portal and records from any device with an internet connection, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This mobility not only benefits responding personnel in the field, who can access and create data without unnecessary trips back to the office, but also enables management to easily check in and keep up to date on active calls on the go.

Spillman Ally gives private security organizations an all-in-one, web-based security incident management software system to store and organize records for names, vehicles, premises, and incidents. Both in-house and contract security teams can use the online platform to easily view relationships between records and attach files such as images, PDFs, audio clips, videos, and Microsoft Office documents to any record.

A Single, Central Database

The Ally security management software is built around a single, centralized database, in which all of the organization's records are stored. This method of data storage enables security personnel to efficiently access and utilize the data they collect. Users can quickly find the exact information they need by conducting comprehensive searches of the database using keywords. Name, vehicle, and premises records can also be linked to one another, as well as to dispatch and incident-based records, enabling personnel to identify relationships quickly and easily within the database. In addition, administrators can manage which personnel and groups are able to view, edit, and add new records.

Accuracy In Data And Reporting

Ally's Incidents page includes numerous required and optional fields designed to help security personnel collect the most complete and accurate data possible. Software administrators can customize certain field requirements to ensure that the software and data fit the needs of the organization. The software also features a built-in analytics feature that allows personnel and administrators to easily summarize the information contained within the database through a variety of reports, such as Daily Activity Reports. The summarized data can then be used to help identify trends, adjust responses, and report to clientele.


Personnel can use Ally to easily generate detailed activity logs, daily activity reports, and track assignments.

Complete Mobility

Ally's web-based nature provides personnel with the ability to access the entire security management software platform anytime and anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. This functionality helps to eliminate unnecessary trips back to the office by allowing employees to both access and enter data while away from their computers. Complete software mobility also helps improve the overall quality of the organization's data, as it allows personnel to create records and file reports while incidents are fresh in their minds, rather than recounting the details later. With access to up-to-date names, vehicles, properties, incidents, arrests, and other types of data at all times, security personnel can be alerted of any warnings of potentially dangerous situations or people with a prior history of violence. This helps keep personnel safe by giving them critical information at the exact moment they need it.

Map Analytics

Using Ally's mapping capabilities, personnel can visually track trends in incident locations throughout their secured facilities.

Vendor-Maintained Software

Because Ally is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, clients do not need to worry about storing or maintaining the physical databases where their records are housed. Instead, Spillman hosts all of the data in a secure facility and handles the maintenance of the servers. Clients can then log into their organization's portal within the software using an internet browser to securely create and access their records. Spillman also manages the incident management software's user interface, releases regular updates, and provides clients with any necessary technical support. This method gives customers constant access to state-of-the-art technology without the cost of maintaining a physical database or keeping in-house IT personnel.