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Emergency Man Down/Lone Worker

It is important that employers know that their employees who are working alone, are safe. Depending on where you may conduct business, chances are that lone worker legislation is now the law.

Regardless, morally, it is important that your valued employees and contractors have lone worker protection in the event that they are in trouble, and that they have assurance that help will be on the way.
There are a number of areas in which occupational health and safety legislation sets requirements that must be met for anyone working alone. While the legislation and regulations vary from province to province (and the federal jurisdiction), the same principles tend to apply.

In Manitoba, which has a regulation dealing with working alone, the practice is defined as follows: "Working alone means the performance of any work function by a worker who (a) is the only worker for that employer at that workplace at any time, and (b) is not directly supervised by his or her employer, or another person designated as a supervisor by his or her employer, at any time."

We can provide you with the following products in providing appropriate Emergency Man Down/Lone Worker support.

MotoTRBO Emergency Button
The orange emergency button comes standard on all MotoTRBO portable radios. Press the emergency button to alert supervisor or dispatcher in an emergency situation. With XPR 6350, location coordinates can be sent to the dispatcher using the MOTOTRBO Location Services application.

Motorola Man Down Option Board
For Motorola HT 1250 models.  The Man Down alarm functionality will trigger the radio’s internal software emergency routine if the radio is horizontal for longer than a pre-programmed time. Anti-movement alarm functionality will trigger the radio's internal software emergency routine if the radio is stationary (unmoved) for longer than a pre-programmed time (requires radio and OSS programming).

Alcom is the Authorized Reseller of Teldio Worker Safety Applications engineered and designed to work with your Motorola two-way radio systems:

CLW – Centralized Lone Worker

Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) periodically pings workers to verify their well-being. The application automatically sends messages at specific time intervals to confirm workers are safe. If a worker fails to respond to an ‘alive check’ request within the allocated response time frame, an emergency alarm is automatically raised on their behalf to notify emergency response personnel. Response personnel receive the CLW alarm directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radio or mobile device, thus ensuring rapid response.

Proactive Lone Worker Monitoring on MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radios

The Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) is a cost-effective solution to periodically monitor the well-being of your mobile lone workers. CLW piggybacks on your MOTOTRBO™ digital radio network to send ‘Alive Check’ messages to your employees directly on their radio handset. Should a worker not respond to an ‘Alive Check’ message, CLW retries by sending a second message. When CLW fails to receive an answer subsequent to these two messages, it triggers an emergency alarm and notifies the appropriate emergency response team or individuals.

MDN – Man Down Notifier

Man Down Notifier (MDN) proactively monitors workers to identify if they have suffered a fall or accident. It does so by dispatching a notification to the appropriate response group or individual when the radio’s accelerometer (motion sensor) detects a lack of movement, a horizontal tilt or both. MDN isn’t intrusive like other man down solutions. Its rich functionality, including tilt recalibration, sleep timer and pre-alarm configuration, significantly reduce the number of false alarms while ensuring mobile workers are protected.

Proactive Lone Worker Monitoring on MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radios

Teldio’s Man Down Notifier (MDN) is a cost-effective and potentially lifesaving way of detecting if a worker has had a fall or accident. By using MOTOTRBO’s integrated motion sensor, MDN monitors workers by detecting a lack of movement, a horizontal tilt, or both. The application is both reliable and robust, and ready to be integrated into your Lone Worker policy.

Panic Alerting Solution

Panic buttons provide a quick and convenient way to summon help in a dangerous situation. When an emergency situation arises, the response team is automatically notified through the Alarm Control System (ACS). The solution ensures that alarms are sent to the appropriate person based on their location, work schedules and competency for a reliable and timely responses to emergency issues. Panic buttons are a quick, flexible solution for a wide range of industries.

For additional information and detailed product illustrations of the Worker Safety solutions provided by Alcom please visit the Teldio website