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Two-way Radio Rentals Winnipeg Manitoba

Winnipeg Two-way Radio Rentals

Two-way Radio Rentals – Short-term and Projects

Alcom Electronic Communications can design competitive communication packages to suit anything from small events through to larger or longer-term projects. Our Rental Solutions are perfect for customers involved in projects that last less than a few months, the system can be adapted to your exact requirements with minimal capital outlay.

Rental Equipment

Put Our Experience and Commitment to Customer Service to Work for You

Our Fleet of Rental Equipment includes:

  • Motorola radios
  • Spare batteries and gang chargers
  • Repeaters
  • Surveillance microphones
  • Remote speaker microphones
  • Headphones

We are your total source for Motorola radios. We provide everything necessary for your firm or special event to easily operate a Motorola communication system including:

  • On Site or Wide Area Coverage
  • Free Programming
  • Radio Labeling
  • Technical Support
  • Delivery of Equipment

Our System

The Alcom owned MobileLink two way digital radio system provides Winnipeg businesses with city-wide, and beyond, radio coverage – with a cost effective rental program.

Two rental options
A monthly rental fee that covers everything including the radios and system access; or for businesses that prefer to own their radios - purchase the radios and pay a monthly access fee to operate on the MobileLink system.

Motorola Connect Plus System Features
Alcom designed and built a Motorola Connect Plus digital trunking two-way radio system to accommodate the high volume, wide area communication your business requires. Your work teams can not only talk to one another or the main facility, they can also use data applications to make their jobs more efficient and safe, including text messaging, location tracking and dispatch capability. All the while, you gain the added benefits of TDMA digital technology like increased capacity and clear audio.

High system availability
The dedicated control slot makes it possible for you to quickly access voice and data communication even during high traffic times.

Automatic channel access
Instead of trying again and again to place a call or to send data, calls are queued during busy times until an open channel is available. You’re then automatically notified that you can complete your call.

Fast access for those who need it most
You can assign important users like managers or security personnel a priority status so they have fast access when the system is in high demand.

Easy administration
The network manager interface makes it simple to bring new radios on line, to adjust priority levels and to monitor activity in real time and on a historical basis.
High security

A three-level check helps to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the system. And the network manager's disable feature makes it easy for you to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio.

Not just two-way radio – optional GPS and Text Messaging:

Changing the way businesses communicate.
You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications such as Location Services and Text Messaging Services now.

Location Services
Location Services provides the ability to track people and assets, such as vehicles. This advanced approach takes advantage of the GPS modem and receiver integrated within both the portable and mobile radios, combined with the Location Services software application.

GPS equipped portable and mobile radios can be configured to transmit their geographical coordinates at pre-programmed intervals, on demand and in case of an emergency. Location Services software applications provide dispatchers with a real-time display of fleet activity on a customized, high-resolution, color-coded map.

Text Messaging Services
The Text Messaging Services allow communication between radios and dispatch systems, between radios and email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios. This application allow you to utilize another form of communication for your business - whether it’s the need for discreet communication or the ability to send quick text messages - enabling you to focus on the business at hand. Furthermore, the dispatcher PC can act as a gateway to email, enabling messaging between email-addressable devices and radios.

MobileLink Coverage

The Alcom owned MobileLink two way digital radio system provides Winnipeg businesses with city-wide, and beyond, radio coverage – with a cost effective rental program.

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