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Motorola Solutions Two-Way Radio Applications

Two-Way Radio Applications

Two-way radio applications cover the spectrum of mission-critical and professional needs with solutions for network and device management, strict information assurance policies and advanced voice and messaging applications, so you have the tools you need to deliver the non-stop service your world demands.

Find applications built for your unique business needs – dispatch, work orders, ticket management systems and more.


Is Your Data Mission-Critical?

Today’s public safety agencies need more than just voice communications to get the job done. Vehicles are equipped with computers, and personnel away from the vehicle use handheld devices to do lookups, report writing, video sharing and job-specific intranet programs. This information exchange is often happening over commercial carrier networks, which can be the right choice for routine, daily activities. In times of disaster, or even when there is a large event such as a marathon or a ball game, they can get overloaded or even fail.

Integrate Data into Your Astro 25 Voice System

In an ASTRO 25 voice and integrated data system, data coexists with voice traffic over the same radio frequencies. The system dynamically reallocates channels to voice or data in real time as user demand requires – maximizing your use of available channels.

Astro 25 Data Applications

  • Location Services
  • Messaging and Alerting
  • Fleet Management
  • Monitoring and Control

ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution Enable Better Decisions in The Field with Astro 25 Advanced Messaging Solution

Get more from your mission-critical ASTRO® 25 system with ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution. Users can quickly send and receive messages to individuals and talkgroups directly from their data-enabled radio. Command staff can send BOLO alerts and data query information to front-line staff easily. With access to this information, first responders are able to make on-the-spot decisions, freeing airtime for critical voice communications.

When integrated with PremierOne™ CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), your personnel can also automatically receive dispatch information and remotely update their status. The ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging Solution helps you better serve your community with a faster, safer and better coordinated and informed workforce.


MOTOTRBO Radio System Applications
To complement the MOTOTRBO portfolio of digital two-way radio systems, Motorola Solutions has partnered with premium application developers across the industry to create the Motorola Sold and Supported program: a range of applications that add unique value to your MOTOTRBO radio system. From voice consoles to sophisticated resource management tools, these applications are designed to increase your efficiency, enhance your productivity and improve your safety.

Our complete portfolio of accessories optimizes the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio.

  • Command and Control
  • Personnel Safety
  • Interoperability
  • Location
  • System Monitoring
  • Text Messaging and Email
  • Voice Dispatch
  • Work Ticket Management

Learn more about MOTOTRBO

WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk Service
Now you can extend your reach to anyone with a smart phone or mobile device, anywhere they go. Manage workflow efficiently on your radio. And help personnel stay safe with applications that send emergency alerts automatically.

Learn more about WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk Service

ASTRO® 25 Advanced Messaging Solution Demo and Integration Story

With the ASTRO® 25 Advanced Messaging Solution, ASTRO 25 system users can quickly send and receive messages and run database queries directly from their data-enabled Motorola two-way radios.

APX Personnel Accountability for ASTRO 25 Systems

APX Personnel Accountability now supported on conventional and trunked radio configurations help monitor the safety of public safety responders.